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No matter what your needs are, from a stunning post & rail entrance to fencing for horses or sheep, new fencing is a smart investment as it improves productivity, utilises valuable land, and produces better outcomes for stock and your property's valuation. Fencing is simply the smartest investment.

Jamie Longstaff and the JPL Ag Services and Fencing team offer a large range of stockyard and fencing options to add value to your property and suit your needs.

With laneways, stockyards, livestock and exclusion fencing there are a number of designs and elements to take into consideration, depending on what stock you are running, what you want to keep in or out and other factors such as the terrain and budget that you need to think about. 

If you are looking to add a stunning and lasting impression to your rural or town property then you can't look past durable post and rail fencing. Available in a range of options including:

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 rails

  • 150mm or 200mm rails

  • Varying intermediate and end post sizes

  • Customised 

Post and rail fencing looks amazing with a timber gate and a number of entrance designs are available from stunning V entry designs with a setback gate to classic laneway entry designs.

Call Jamie on 0403 343 926 or discuss your needs or use our fencing enquiry form to get started.

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